Bikini Moon


Got to work with Macedonia’s most celebrated director Milcho Manchevski on his newest film Bikini Moon. How often do you get to reference Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979) and Maysles’s Gimme Shelter (1970) in one movie?

Check out a mention in British Cinematographer.

And interview in Adventures in Design Podcast.

Independent Spirit Awards

Heading out to LA this week for the Independent Spirit Awards where Menashe is nominated for Best First Feature. My goal is to get a selfie with Kumail Nanjiani. I just think he is swell. Above is a photo of Menashe holding a special jury prize from the Deauville American Film Festival. I wanted to let him display it in his apartment for a few months, but instead he just wanted to point at it.

Casting For Yiddish FIlm


We are currently casting yiddish speaking actors for a film shooting in Borough Park, August 2015.  Please email for more info.

Nominated for Cannes Lion


Congrats to Brickhouse Projects and Aeras! We were nominated for a Cannes Lion. It is a heart wrenching film about a family who lost their daughter to XR-TB. Tuberculosis is a worldwide epidemic that kills more than 1.5 million people each year.

Watch the entire project at

NY Times Op-Docs: Subway Ballet

Just made this film for The New York Times that has been causing quite a stir.

Comments on the site include:


“You weren’t flying, Joshua. They kicked you in the head.”

“I firmly disagree with Mr. Weinstein; this isn’t public theater (as he so fondly labels it), but anarchy.”

Take a watch and decide for yourself.

Thank you for the WAFFLE crew for making this possible, Kyle Graffam for editing, Seth Ricart for coloring, Jorge Bailon for sound design, Lindsay Mann for loaning the Red Epic, and Don Hooper for location sound. Send me an email to see the final higher rez version.