“LYFT – THANK YOU” 2017 Strike Anywhere.
“GENIUS NAT GEO” 2017 Fox Digital Studios, Director Daniel Addelson.
“COORS NO BARRIERS” 2017 72&Sunny Director Daniel Addelson.
“FACEBOOK – INDIA” 2016 JZB Productions.
“VOGUE” 2016 Director Niall Kenny.
“TB UNMASKED” 2015 Cannes Lion Nominee.
“IT GOT BETTER” 2014 Lexus Studios, Executive Producers Dan Savage, Lisa Kudrow, Director Heather Ross.

“MENASHE” Sundance, Berlin, A24, 2017.
“BIKINI MOON” In Post 2017, Director Milcho Manchevski.
“BEING MORTAL” Frontline, Emmy Nom 2015, Director Tom Jennings.
“MINK CATCHER” Telluride, SXSW 2015, Director Samantha Buck.
“ELAINE STRITCH SHOOT: ME” IFC Films 2013, Director Chiemi Karasawa.
“CODE OF THE WEST” PBS, America Reframed 2012, Director Rebecca Cohen.
“THE GAMBLING MAN” PBS, 2013, Director Aaron Gaudet, Gita Pullapilly.
“GIVE UP TOMORROW” PBS, POV 2011, Emmy Nomination, Tribeca Special Jury, Director Michael Collins.

“BENDING THE ARC” Sundance 2017, Director Kief Davidson Pedro Kos.
“THE DEATH AND LIFE OF MARSHA P. JOHNSON” Tribeca 2017, Director David France.
“HAVE A BABY” Tribeca 2016, Director Amanda Micheli.
“SONGS OF LAHORE” Tribeca 2015, Broad Green Pictures, Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Andy Schoken.
“SACRED” WNET 2015, Director Thomas Lennon.
“THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS” Sundance 2013, Director Sam Green.
“INSIDE MAN” CNN 2013, Director Morgan Spurlock.
“DON’T STOP BELIEVIIN’: EVERYMAN’S JOURNEY” Tribeca, Cinedigm 2013, Director Ramona Diaz.
“BEST KEPT SECRET” POV, Peabody Winner 2013, Director Samantha Buck.
“TOWN HALL” ITVS 2013, Director Jamila Wignot, Sierra Pettengill.
“COMIC-CON EPISODE IV: A FAN’S HOPE” Toronto Film Festival 2011, Director Morgan Spurlock.